Best 10 Senior Shoot

I chose this image because I think the green and white flowers frame her body nicely and add color to her white and black outfit. I like how sharp her face looks and how she is positioned
 I chose this photo because it was an idea I was excited to try and I like how good the depth of field is in the image, blurring her face but still allowing you to recognize her
 I chose this photo because I really like the shadows and all the industrial textures around her
 I chose this photo because it was another idea I was excited to try and I like the depth of field
I chose this photo because I think it was well composed and I like the monochromatic door in the back that makes his shirt pop
i chose this photo because I think the exposure and focus is really good and I like that even though there is flowers in front you can clearly see her face  I chose this photo because I think there is good exposure and I like how the photo was set up and his pose
I chose this photo because i liked the way t…

Best 10 Nature Shoot

"Shades of Purple" While at the Japanese Tea Garden, i found this really cool fuzzy textured plant, some in a light lilac and others in a more magenta like color. The way the sun was shining directly on them allowed a really cool perspective and gave the image a lot of shadows and depth.   "Look Right Through Me"  This plant had a really beautiful light lilac color, and again with the way the light was shining on it, it appeared almost transparent. You can see the fuzz like texture nut you can still see right through the plant itself.   "Bumblebees in Blue" This was a very time consuming shot, as I had to continually wait for the bee to land in the right spot, but i had to play with my shutter speed an awful lot to ensure the bees movement didn't cause the photo to become blurry.   "Bright and Sunny" This little yellow flower seemed to be the only lively thing in a patch full of dead grass and weeds. It caught my eye for this reason, and g…


I've chosen this photo as my quintessence because it captures two of my favorite people. My best friends. My sister Laura DeLeon and my friend Lily Philpot. Both of these people mean the world to me and they're such a big part of my life. This picture was captured off guard one night at my house as we were eating dinner and everyone was laughing and jokng around, which I feel is a huge part of my relationships with them. We're always laughing, talking, telling jokes, and well of course eating.
The three pictures I used were of a sunset, a tree, and the cutout of myself. I placed the sunset image first, then placed the tree and changed the opacity on the tree layer. I then pasted the sticker cutout of myself (i had previously cutout) and placed it over the tree and brought the opacity down. I used an outer glow text effect to add that beige color around the title of the album

5 Best.. Downtown field trip 2018


Face Art

This was our final project meant to demonstrate different photoshop skills we've learned this year.


The end of the school year is difficult. Taking exams, making sure our grades are good before final report cards come out, finding time to spend with friends, it all gets overwhelming and by the time summer starts my whole freshman year will have been a blur, but one thing I will always remember is my year in photography. I've gotten to do and try so many things in this class. I have a creative outlet, something I enjoy doing, and something that I'd like to say I've gotten pretty good at doing. As I look back at my years work in this class their's a few things I cringe at upon viewing, and a few things I'm really proud to say are my pieces. I went from just taking a picture of something that looked pretty, to looking at an ordinary object and finding what makes it special, and using those special things to create an interesting image. Our first project in this class was a scavenger hunt, and man, am I embarrassed to say I took those pictures, but hey you live and y…